European community
approach to radicalisation

TerRa is a European project supported by the European Commission DG Home Affairs. The objective of TerRa is to reinforce the positive role victims and former terrorists can play in relation to the prevention of radicalisation and providing practical guidance to specific target groups. Target groups and beneficiaries include victims, (potential) terrorists, EU member states and frontline-workers in the field of law-enforcement, rehabilitation, teaching, welfare and social workers, journalists, policy makers, and religious leaders.

Impact asked us to design and produce both a printed and on-line toolkit with various manuals and fact-sheets aimed at these specific target groups. The online toolkit also provides videos with testimonials of victims of terrorism, former radicals and interviews with representatives of the different target groups. All printed items are also available here to be downloaded for free.

webbuild by Usecue & Ookamihosting (Frederick Calmes) photo’s by Patrick Cooper


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