OF 11,000 NAMES

Following the abolition of slavery in The Netherlands, freed slaves received surnames.
More than 11,000 names can be found on a special monument in the exhibition ‘Black & White’ (Zwart & Wit) in the Tropenmuseum. Especially for Keti Koti Festival, 2013, the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in The Netherlands, this long list of names received a special place in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam.

Many people were curious to find out whether they could find their surname.

The Monument of 11,000 names is part of the The ‘Black & White’ exhibition at the Tropenmuseum which is conceptualized and designed by Burobraak.
3D design is executed in collaboration with Geke Lensink. Photo’s by Jitske Schols (Elbrillo fotografie)

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