2013 marked the 150th anniversary of the ending of slavery in the Netherlands.

Keti Koti festival on July 1st is a yearly event in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam to commemorate and celebrate the ending of slavery in the Netherlands. With the exhibition ‘Black & White’ (Zwart & Wit), the Tropenmuseum has played a prominent role in commemorating and celebrating this event. Burobraak was asked to conceptualize and design three events during this festival to introduce the upcoming Exhibition in the Tropenmuseum. The realization of the Monument of 11,000 names, the mobile Black & White ‘Babblebox’ stand and the Keti Koti Art event. Additionally NiNsee asked us to assist them with restructuring their exhibition on the history of Dutch slavery and its installation in their hospitality tents during the festival.

The Black & White exhibition at the Tropenmuseum is conceptualized and designed by Burobraak. 3D design is executed in collaboration with Geke Lensink.
Photo’s by Jitske Schols (Elbrillo fotografie) and Arjan Braaksma

Monument of 11,000 names

Following the abolition of slavery in The Netherlands, freed slaves received surnames.
More than 11,000 names can be found on a special monument in the exhibition ‘Black & White’ (Zwart & Wit) in the Tropenmuseum. For Keti Koti Festival, 2013, this long list of names received a special place in the park.

Many people were curious to find out whether they could find their surname on this monument.

Black & White Babblebox

Burobraak transports the discussion about Black & White outside the Tropenmuseum by introducing the “Babblebox”, a mobile video message box that appeared at Keti Koti Festival 2013 and other festivals and related celebrations of the 150th anniversary. It is prompted by a number of loaded statements, such as ‘The word Negro is insulting’ or ‘It’s time to get rid of the Black Pete (Zwarte Piet) tradition. Visitors are able to record their opinions on video and hence be part of the exhibition in the Tropenmuseum. The responses are presented on a special stage in the museum designated for debate, and will be published upon the exhibit’s completion.

Keti Koti Art

Visitors of Keti Koti were invited to give their own artistic contribution to the exhibition ‘Black & White’. Artists of the Heesterveld Community in the Amsterdam-Zuidoost district challenged visitors to produce a creative answer to thought-provoking questions from the exhibition.

NiNsee Exhibition & Hospitality space

NiNsee is a centre for the promotion of research and distribution of knowledge and information regarding the Dutch slavery past and its consequences for contemporary society. We were asked to decorate their hospitality tent with some of their existing exhibition panels on the history of Dutch slavery and design and produce some additions.

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