Friday the 26th of October the mural conceptualized by artist Erwin Stienstra in Groningen was officially unveiled by Peter Rehwinkel, the mayor of the city of Groningen. We provided the graphic design for this tile tableau. The interactive tableau is constructed of 40 (1 x 1 meter) ceramic tiles produced by Royal Tichelaar Makkum. With the purpose of improving local aesthetic, the ‘Gelkingestraat’ Business Association initiated this process. The city of Groningen (CBK Groningen) submitted this interactive art project as a means of catering to its citizens and visitors. With a traditional dutch tile tableau, depicting 10 different icons, each in-which are designed with a pattern of repeating QR codes. These codes function to forward the viewer to additional information regarding each of the various specified subject matters. In addition, any viewers experiencing the interactive mural will have the opportunity to leave personalizing comments, poetry, music, images, etc. As a spin off of the interactive mural design, we are working on an assortment of city-marketing projects for the city of Groningen.

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