New projects often emerge out of our personal interests and beliefs.The division of wealth, race, sexuality and cultural diversity have become an evolving focus in our life and work. Over recent years we became involved in fundraising projects for HIV and AIDS, HAÏTI, and neighborhood projects in Amsterdam-East. We participated, collaborated and initiated various projects with the diverse skills we have developed over the years.

Identity and self-reflection are repeated aspects of our design process when working with businesses and organizations. Similarly, these same aspects relate to the individuals (students) or groups of people we work with in our social projects. (Re-)discovering your own identity and heritage is the basis of one’s self esteem, growth and development. We do this for example by teaching children about themselves and others by using community art .

2013 marked the 150th anniversary of the ending of slavery in the Netherlands. We belief that the legacy of slavery should mean something to everyone in the Netherlands. Reality is that the Dutch eduction system is lacking education on this subject. We were very honored to be asked to design an exhibition in the Tropenmuseum (Zwart&Wit) about the ending of slavery in the Netherlands and how black and white have lived together since then. We will continue to focus on this subject.

Our HAI5HAITI project was nominated at the 2nd Amsterdam TEDX-event of 2010. This project showed how social networks like Facebook create new ways to organize small scale projects, set up by a random school, coffee-shop and a design agency, to support projects in third world countries without having to involve NGO’s.

Our goal is to incorporate our clients and friends into social and fundraising events and projects just as we go along doing our day to day work and using the talents we have to improve the lives of others. We call this ‘look at the world with a designer’s eye’ or in other words SOCIAL DESIGN.

We are currently working on new projects and plans that focus on issues and causes we want to support both locally and globally in the near future. Please be encouraged to approach us with your ideas, suggestions or any questions.

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