A fundraising project in response to the devastating earthquake in Haïti. Purpose was to connect dutch children directly with their peers in Haïti. Main event was an exhibition of 150 painted little brown coffee bags in Coffee Company vanWauw in Amsterdam-South. We initiated this fundraiser and developed it with the Coffee Company and a few other partners to support children in Haïti with education materials. The project involved dutch primary school children from a school in Amsterdam-West who provided school materials like pens, calculators and coloring books as well as their creativity for this exhibition. The dutch kids filled their bag and printed their hand on the paper bag as a high-five for the Haïtian kids. The bags were exhibited during a month in Coffee Company vanWauw. It was intended to draw people to come to Coffee Company and support the charity work for children in Haïti organized by STICHTING NAAR SCHOOL IN HAITI. Hakim Traïdia (Sesame Street/Sesamstraat) came to award the best artist of the exhibition. Ferry Doedens (GTST) supported the event by presenting his song he recorded for Haïti. More information of this and other Hai5Haïti projects can be found on our HAI5HAITI FACEBOOK PAGE.

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