De Nieuwe Kerk amsterdam

February 2, 2002, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima married in ‘De Nieuwe Kerk’ in Amsterdam. A few months prior to The Wedding in ‘De Nieuwe Kerk’ opened the exhibition ‘Ja, Ik wil, Koninklijke Huwelijken 1791-2002’. Kubik was assigned to build the exhibition and Arjan Braaksma to create the visual identity for the exhibition including the communication campaign.

We created an effective graphic language based on Dutch Orange and Royal Blue dotted portraits of the eight Royal couples that married over the past two centuries. By layering the two portraits, the orange and blue mix into a interference (moiré) pattern. This resulted into a series of eight unique moiré effect wedding portraits. Arjan wrote the golden title ‘Ja, Ik wil’ (‘Yes, I do’) and rolled this concept out into a consistent visual design of the exhibition, catalogue, exterior branding, communication campaign, window display(Bijenkorf) and souvenirs.

The exhibition was developed from scratch till opening in a time-span of just a few months and turned out to be one of the most visited exhibitions of ‘De Nieuwe Kerk’.

photos Kubik (Fridtjof Versnel) & Arjan Braaksma

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