‘Staatsbosbeheer’ is commissioned by the Dutch government and manages a sizeable amount of the nature reserves in the Netherlands. With support of the EU Staatsbosbeheer developed this deserted fortification into a touristic center and gateway for the ‘Green Heart’ region, a green belt in the heavily urbanized western part of the Netherlands. Geke Lensink invited us to corporate in conceptualizing and design (2d and 3d) of various exhibits, design of a visual identity for Fort Weirickerschans to be applied to all interior and outdoor objects connected to the visitors center.

Burobraak conceptualized and designed these various exhibits.

photo’s Geke Lensink en Arjan Braaksma

‘De Tijdslijn’

An interactive timeline showing the national history (blue) parallel to the history of the ‘green heart’ (green).
Timeline and object signs are easy detachable leaving no trace after dismantle. We developed a custom designed object sign with rubber band connection.

‘Het Waterdebat’

An interactive installation that illustrates the reasoning behind adjusting to lower or higher groundwater levels in the region.

‘Het Buskruitspel’

A game for children that teaches them the functioning of the fort during the 18th and 19th century.

‘Ontdekkingstocht op het fort’
Walking trail markers

Mobile outdoor signage to be rolled outside of the armory/visitors center giving historic information about various buildings and places on the fort.

‘De Groene Hart Kaart’

An interactive map of the Green Heart that lights up specific touristic attractions like walking-, cycling-, ice-skating-, canoeing- and other trails as well as windmills, pumping stations, regional produce selling points etc. by choosing various colored icons on a touchscreen.

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