The Emscher River runs through one of the most densely populated and polluted areas of Western Europe in the Rhine region, Germany. The riverbed will be radically redesigned over a length of 80 km during this decade and this should be explained to the population and visitors of the region.

Kubik asked us to develop a graphic language and exhibition design for a traveling visitors center concept for the regional water management organization ‘Emscher Genossenschaft’. Three pop-up containers will be traveling around the ‘Emscher region’ to inform its inhabitants and visitors about the changes the region is faced with.
Industrial history of the region (Gestern), the current construction activities (Heute), and the goals and visions to a ‘green’ future (Morgen) are the themes of the three containers.

We designed a graphic language based on the corporate identity of Emscher Genosschenshaft. Part of this language we created a color system to clearly identify the three different themes and time zones. From the dark and grey of industrialization and its pollution to ‘under construction orange’ of todays construction work to the ‘green’ vision for the future. We conceptualized and designed the 3d interactive objects.

photos Kubik Amsterdam & Arjan Braaksma

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