Nike European Headquarters (EHQ) in Hilversum organizes a yearly event to raise awareness of sustainability in the daily work of Nike’s staff and visitors. The event and associated exhibition is held in EHQ’s main entrance building. Exhibits consist of artifacts, recycled materials and Nike products. Kubik was asked to build the exhibition and we conceptualized and designed (2d and 3d) it.

We used the entire glass facade of the entrance building as our display surface and build the storyline along both the interior and exterior side of it. Not only created this a strong connection between the in- and outside terrace, it also resulted in a lively interaction between the artifacts displayed on the outside and the background information on the inside of the facade. We used recycled rubber mats and recycled plastic pallets.

photos Kubik Amsterdam (Fridtjof Versnel) & Arjan Braaksma, 2000

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